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  • Ceramic Lined Rubber Hose

    Ceramic Lined Rubber Hose

    The ceramic lined rubber hose is using in highly aggressive circumstance where the conventional unlined rubber hose requires frequent replacement. Also, ceramic lined rubber hose can be installed at some kind of vibration machinery or with some non-stationary equipment. It can increase the selection for engineers with widely approaches of installation and operation. Features 1. Wear resistance The wear resistance of ceramic lined rubber hose is 10 times higher than that of ordinary ...
  • Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe

    Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe

    Polyurethane lined steel pipe is a high wear resistant pipeline product, which is widely used in mineral processing pipelines and tailing transmission pipelines. Fossil-fuel power station use the pipeline for coal and ash removal systems, as well as for oil, chemical, cement and grain industries. Features 1. Wear-resistant 2.Prevent Scaling 3.Corrosion Resistance 4. Resistance to hydrolysis aging 5. High Elasticity 6. Resistance to Mechanical Shock 7. Self-lubrication Arex selects the prem...
  • Flexible Slurry Rubber Hose

    Flexible Slurry Rubber Hose

    The flexible slurry rubber hose is compounded by NR, BR and SBR compound synthetic rubber. It is using high tensile strength fabrics with steel ring as skeleton of reinforcement. The flexible rubber hose always being installed in between the pump and cutter of the dredger, which bears negative working pressure during the sucking process of slurry. The flexible rubber hose & Armored hose, with HB steel ring inside, is suitable for transfer of abrasive slurries, mineral processing plants, t...
  • Rubber Lined Steel Pipes

    Rubber Lined Steel Pipes

    The rubber lined steel pipes are designed to be used in various abrasive pumping applications. Applications such as mill discharge, high pressure pumps, long tailings lines, demanding slurry pump applications and gravity pipes. Each end with vulcanized rubber seal fixed flange. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant rubber lined steel pipe is made of common steel pipe as framework material and using with excellent properties of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant rubber as ...