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  • Customized Plastic parts

    Customized Plastic parts

    As one of the most competitive mold manufacturers and injection molding company in China. we serve a wide range of industry applications, including household application, auto, electronic, medical, agriculture, mining and etc.  Our services include:  CAD design/mold flow analysis/DFM Custom injection mold, die-casting making Plastic injection molding Prototyping, small volume production Painting, skill printing, assembly Introduction Our injection molding shop equipped 12 sets of plastic i...
  • Customized metal parts

    Customized metal parts

    Product: Custom Metal Parts Process: CNC machining, stamping, casting and etc. Materials: Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, iron, copper and etc. Surface: Anodize, polish, power coating, chromate, sand blast etc. Sizes: according to samples or as drawing details with high precision dimensions Manufacture of metal products including: Lathe knurling processing Multi-axis machining Machining of hand-made parts Plastic processing Parts Processing Blackening Post-treatment Special Material Process...
  • Customized Rubber parts

    Customized Rubber parts

    Rubber Molding Processes We Offer: Custom Rubber Molding Cryogenic DE flashing Engineering and Design Support Rubber Compound Development Rubber Compression Molding Rubber Injection Molding Rubber-to-Metal Bonding Rubber Transfer Molding Assembly Services Stocking Programs Competitive Pricing We are able to maintain competitive pricing through the evaluation of every aspect of part production. Arex evaluates the entire scope of each project to discern the best solutions and prices whether thr...
  • Mold fabrication

    Mold fabrication Working Experience We promote your ideas to come true within the experience of over 10 years in the field of molding. On the basic of working widely with different market to produce a bunch of components, we are familiar to do a variety of insert and injection molding. Our molding facilities are flexible enough to handle with metalloid and metal material and satisfy with numerous molded parts size and shape. Design Guide Ou...
  • Custom Rubber & Plastic Products

    Custom Rubber & Plastic Products

    Customization processing for rubber and plastic products Normal process for forming the rubber production as below // Raw material-mixing-roll extrusion-molding and vulcanization-shape up Different crafts processing for plastic objects as below Injection molding; (plastic bulk parts) Blow molding; (plastic bottles) Plastic uptake; (shaped plastic film) Extrusion; (plastic pipe) Working experience We promote your ideas to come true within the experience ...