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  • SAG/AG/Ball/Rod Milling Rubber Liners

    SAG/AG/Ball/Rod Milling Rubber Liners

    The rubber liner is gradually replacing the manganese steel liner. It can bear strong impact of resistance. The yield of your grinding circuits is highly dependent on your mill’s rubber liner. Select right of your rubber liner supplier carefully will make sure your milling process runs at maximum capacity and availability. Rubber liners is usually suitable for wet grinding, the temperature is not higher than 80 degrees of normal work, but for high-temperature dry grinding, strong acid and Alk...
  • Rubber mat For Dump Body of Haul Truck

    Rubber mat For Dump Body of Haul Truck

    Hauls Trucks are essential to the mining industry and as one of vehicle with great useful function by the operators and other staff. The drivers always suffer with shock and vibration during the process of loading and transportation. Arex tested the impact of rock on a steel plate and found a peak of 108 decibels and then we use manganese steel wire mesh as skeleton within 6” rubber liner which can extremely enhanced its toughness and the peak result only show 60 decibels finally. It is signi...