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  • AHR Slurry Pump Wear Parts

    AHR Slurry Pump Wear Parts

    Slurry Pump Rubber Impeller Slurry pump impeller can play an extremely important role in the operation of slurry pump. By rotating, it can help slurry pump meet the needs of the equipment. The slurry pump impeller is easy to be worn out, so we search for the special materials to prolong the lifespan of impeller. Rubber slurry pump impellers are used to deal with the corrosive slurry with blunt particles. They are made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, EPDM Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, or any o...
  • SPR Slurry Pump Wear Parts

    SPR Slurry Pump Wear Parts

    SPR Slurry Pump Casing     Rubber Slurry Pump Body (Casing) interchangeable with Warman SPR series Rubber Vertical Slurry Pumps We offer a variety of rubber casing, so that customers can apply in a variety of complex environments.  RUBBER MATERIALS TYPE AND DATA DESCRIPTIONS Code Material name Type Description YR26 Anti-thermalBreakdown Rubber  Natural Rubber YR26 is a black, soft natural rubber. It has superior erosion resistance to all other materials in fine particle slurry applicat...
  • LR Slurry Pump Wear Parts

    LR Slurry Pump Wear Parts

    L-Type Slurry Pump impeller The rubber wet parts are great wear resistance and corrosion resistance, usually used for acid working conditions. Such as tailing in mining industry, slurry with small particles and no rough edges. The whole displacement part includes Cover Plate Liner, Throat bushing, Frame plate liner, Frame Plate Liner Insert. The rubber material we used has superior resistance to all other materials in fine particle slurry applications. The antioxidants and anti-degradants ...
  • CVX Hydrocyclone Wear Parts

    CVX Hydrocyclone Wear Parts

    Hydrocyclones are used around the world in mining and processing minerals, manufacturing, aggregates, food processing, waste water management and other industries. Our hydro cyclones parts are 100% interchangeable with world famous brands. High quality R55 rubber is used AREX is committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. We offer our customers options and through our hydro cyclone wear linings, we aim to reduce your maintenance time and costs and achieve consistent performa...