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  • Hydraulic Staple-Lock Adaptors

    Hydraulic Staple-Lock Adaptors

      Staple & lock adaptors Arex is focused on achieving excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of fluid conveyance solutions, components and associated equipment for high pressure hydraulic applications. Encompassed within this, they are a specialist, manufacturer of staple adaptors and ball valves extensively used in underground mining operations. Staple connections are an integral part of the hydraulic circuit in mining and have a proven track record of being the best opti...
  • Multi-line Manifold Hose 

    Multi-line Manifold Hose 

    The high-pressure multi-line manifold hoses are used to connect two units of hydraulic devices, most frequently of the divider units: performance and control units used to control the adjacent sections of the mechanized covers. They allow to send the control impulses remotely between the control and execution units.
  • Hydraulic fittings
  • Hydraulic rubber hose

    Hydraulic rubber hose

    Rubber hydraulic hose is a common and important element in countless industrial and mobile machines. It serves as the plumbing that routes hydraulic fluid between tanks, pumps, valves, cylinders and other fluid-power components. Plus, hose is generally straightforward to route and install, and it absorbs vibration and dampens noise. Hose assemblies—hose with couplings attached to the ends—are relatively simple to make. And if specified properly and not overly abused, hose can work trouble-fre...