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Hydraulic Staple-Lock Adaptors

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Staple & lock adaptors

Arex is focused on achieving excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of fluid conveyance solutions, components and associated equipment for high pressure hydraulic applications. Encompassed within this, they are a specialist, manufacturer of staple adaptors and ball valves extensively used in underground mining operations.
Staple connections are an integral part of the hydraulic circuit in mining and have a proven track record of being the best option for connecting and disconnecting hydraulic lines, in a tough and challenging environment. The staple design provides a simple, easy and effective way to connect, disconnect and isolate hydraulic lines even in complicated or compact applications.

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Arex has experienced engineering personal capable of developing and designing new adaptors for specialist applications, and recognizes this as an important service to the mining industry.

The staple adaptor is designed available with male and female staple ends as well as threaded options.

The staple adaptor is available in a wide range of configurations and size from DN6(¼”) to DN76(3”).

Arex’s staple adaptors undergo surface treatment to produce a highly corrosion resistant surface, capable of meeting the demands of a tough working environment. To cope with extreme conditions, adaptors are also available in stainless steel.
The Arex staple adaptor meets or exceeds all International Standard including DIN 20043, BS6537, SAEJ1467 and NCB638 and is subject to in-house burst and impulse testing to verify the product performance.

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