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Polyurethane Fine Screen Mesh

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Polyurethane fine screen mesh is made of polyurethane sheet with high quality screen surface. Polyurethane fine screen mesh is abrasion resistance and much longer service life than the woven vibrating screen mesh. Moreover, the property of anti-blinding makes it feasible to screen materials which is considered difficult or impossible to screen previously. Polyurethane fine screen mesh has an extremely fine openings which is as fine as 0.075mm, which is suitable for a wide variety of wet and dry applications.

Advantages about polyurethane fine screen mesh
1 Manufactured from strong , high-tensile polyurethane compounds
2 Longer life due to higher wear resistance than standard screen panels
3 Equipped with self-relieving apertures that reduce pegging and blinding
4 Available in a wide range of polyurethane screen panel to suit for any applications
5 Quick and sample installation and replacement
6 Available to different screen fastening systems and accessories


Mining plant, coal washing plant, quarry etc.

The screen with 700*1045 mm size is attached below:



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