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Rubber mill liners

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The rubber liner is gradually replacing the manganese steel liner. It can bear strong impact of resistance. The yield of your grinding circuits is highly dependent on your mill’s rubber liner. Select right of your rubber liner supplier carefully will make sure your milling process runs at maximum capacity and availability.
Rubber liners is usually suitable for wet grinding, the temperature is not higher than 80 degrees of normal work, but for high-temperature dry grinding, strong acid and Alkali resistance, oil resistance and other special environment, need to be explained in advance by separate design formula and custom made, in addition, the storage process must be placed in indoor proper custody, it intends the rubber liners to prevent outdoor exposure under the high temperature and rain.
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According to the purpose, the rubber liners is divided used in:AG, SAG, ball, pebble, rod & batch mills, FGD, SMD and continuous mills.
According to the shape, it is divided into overflow type, grid type and multi-bin type, which can meet the requirements of one-stage rough grinding and two-stage fine grinding.
We can customize all kinds of high-quality and high wear-resistant rubber liners according to the needs of each customer.

1. Low energy consumption
2. High wear resistance
3. Low maintenance
4. Impact resistance
5. Low noise
6. Easy to install
7. Corrosion resistant
8. Saving of steel balls


① Lifter Bars
Lifter Bars are available in a range of widths, heights and rubber or composite profiles. Lifter Bars incorporating a steel insert are designed to provide maximum impact and abrasion resistance.
② Filling & Corner Segments
Filling and Corner Segments are designed to lock the Head Plates and Grate Plates into position and stop material racing in the corners.
③ Head Plates
Rubber Head Plates are available in various designs to combat sliding abrasion. Head Plates are designed to facilitate ease of installation and handling
④ Grate Plates
Heavy- duty Grate Plates designs are available for large mills. The elastic property of rubber allows for smaller slots than steel grates whilst eliminating blind problems. Available in a range of aperture sizes.
⑤ Centre Cones & Trunnion& Bell Mouth Liners
Centre Cones can be designed in segments for ease of installation.
Trunnion& Bell Mouth Liners
Trunnion Liners are manufactured from a fabricated steel base, which are then rubber lined. Loose steel-backed rubber liners are also used in larger Trunnion and Bell Mouth linings.
⑥ Outer Pulp Lifters
⑦ Inner Pulp Lifters
Rubber lined Pulp Lifters are designed to provide the correct discharge of the pulp through the mill in order to minimize bottle- necks.
⑧ Shell Plates
The thickness of the shell plates can vary in order to increase mill capacity and/ or liner life. The width is designed for optimum protection from the lifter bars.

rubber liners

Physical properties index​

Performance Unit Index
Breaking strength MPa≥ 18
Elongation at break %≥ 420
300%of constant stress MPa≥ 12
Hardness Shore A(degree) 64-68
Akron abrasion cm³/1.61km 0.1
Impact elasticity %≥ 45
Tearing permanent deformation %≥ 10
The adhesion of rubber and metal KN/m 6

All of dates belongs to normal standard and consult factory to get the special customization.

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